Re: Erie Covered Hoppers (was Covered Hoppers)

Jerry Dziedzic

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I think there are two underlying fallacies in the
current "hypotheses" about
early Erie covered hoppers:

1. That the cement hauled came from the "cement region" of
Pennsylvania near
Allentown. (There were also cement mills in central PA near
Cement was widely produced all over the country. There was a mill
at Hoe's Cave on
the D&H noth of Oneonta....a far more palusible source of cemnet
hauled on the
Erie. There well may have been cement mills on the western part of
the Erie.

You're right, Chuck. This was a question we posted: where were
cement mills located on the Erie?

D&H might have been another candidate for pool cars. However, as
for the L&NE pool we were hypothesizing, it seems the originating
road, not Erie, would be more likely to pioneer a new car design.

2. That the cars were intended to haul cement.
The 1940 Cyc describes the cars as cement cars.

I'm glad to see another person join this discussion. I was tempted
go off-line with Schuyler, because the STMFC discussion seemed to be
confined to only the two of us. I decided to try one more post to
see if we could attract others, so welcome aboard!

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