Re: War Emergency Hoppers

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Say it isn't so,, Shawn,

You write:

I've just
assumed, judging by who owned these cars, that they
were in coal service, and therefore captive on home
Oooooh no. I spent a month proving that coal bearing hopper cars not only
went off home rails, but did so frequently. I have then paid for this
eloquent enlightenment by finding N&W hopper cars showing up unexpectedly in
strange places on my Sherman Hill layout. Even in broad daylight. Here I go

But I don't really know for sure, therefore the
question. Would these cars have traveled far from home?
Stepping boldly into the abyss....I'd say it depends largely on the RR. This
is much too complex to be properly covered right now, but let me address
only one example. No, not the N&W but, rather the coal fields of Southern
Illinois. A couple of quotes from a great book, Burlington Bulletin, #35,
The Q in the Coal Fields:

Pg 104
"Under the first...interchange...the Q received loaded coal cars from
another RR, and both..."
"The Q received considerable interchange coal tonnage at certain points
along the Beardstown Div. At Forman, deep in Southern Illinois, the Q
interchanged with the NYC..."Further north, at Goreville, was the
interchange with the CE&I. Back to the north at Waltonville, the Q
interchanged with the Missouri Pacific and received coal from..."

Other major interchange occurred with the IC. Photos show both B&O and
Pennsy hoppers at the mines along with Q cars and those of IC & C&EI. Q
trains include Mopac, C&EI, IC hoppers.

Mike Brock

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