Re: interchanged head end cars

Ray Breyer

The NKP regularly hauled foreign road head-end
equipment. NYC & DL&W baggage cars, and Erie and DL&W
ex-troop sleeper express cars are very common in
photos of NKP passenger consists between Buffalo and

Ray Breyer

--- ed_mines <ed_mines@...> wrote:
How common were foreign road head end cars? In the
last year or 2 RMC
had an article on a train in eastern PA which had
mail and express
cars from several different railroads. I would have
thought that this
was uncommon.

A few days ago Mike Brock said that UP baggage cars
(or mail cars?)
were seen in NYC. Was this routine or once in a
while, like for

Is anyone familiar with similar cars?

Except for east coast/west coast trade (LA/NYC,
SF/NYC etc.), traffic
between most pairs of large cities could be serviced
by one railroad
(Chicago-NYC - Erie, Chicago-Boston - NYC, St.
Louis-NYC - PRR, etc.)

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