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Most of us working stiffs out in the field did not use engineers
language while going about our daily chores. After 42 years on the
railroad, I still look around at the crowd I'm in, before
uttering "friction bearings". Thats all I ever heard them called.

Chet French

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Charlie Vlk says:

Colloquial usage is just as important as correct technical
designations from a historical viewpoint.
Perhaps. IOW, from a historical viewpoint, mistakes, erroneous
and misuse of terms is as historical as correct conclusions and
proper use
of terms. OTOH, when one is standing out in -10° weather in
shown in Ball's Decade of the Trains 1940s...checking wheels, wind
at 25, one might not worry about using the correct engineering
but use, instead, terms that he knew his fellow workers understood.
MIGHT even use non RR terms or words not found in most dictionaries
those which his fellow workers were well acquainted with as well.
as it got colder, more of these words were used. There is no doubt
engineering and operational environments use, in many fields,
terms to describe the same thing. The STMFC is probably more in
tune with
the engineering side, being more driven by design and development
use...although both apply. Happily, it's not -10° here so I'm
inclined to
use engineering terms. However, during an op that's a
different story.

I have to chuckle about this at times, however. No less than Ralph
Chief Engineer for Baldwin Locomotive Works, refers to non roller
as "solid bearings" and "friction bearings" on the same page [
185 ] in his
book The Steam Locomotive. Maybe he was assuming that both
engineering staff
AND operations personnel might read his book <g>.

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