Car Cement

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OK I have been working with Rick Leach in trying to determine the use
of car cement on Northern Pacific boxcars. Currently I'm working on the
restoration of two NP cars, War Emergency NP 28129 and 1932 built
single sheathed NP 14794. On the 28129 their is car cement on the ends,
roof, and trucks under at least one coat of boxcar red. The 14794 only
shows red except for the trucks which are not original as they have
cast dates of 1937. A builders photo from a car cyclopedia shows the
war emergency series as originally all red and memos exist giving the
dates of car cement as 1945 to 1955. Thoughts are the 28129 was
repainted but it would have to be before 1957 as it has the "NORTHERN
PACIFIC" monad, not the later version with "RAILWAY".

Does anyone have any photos showing NP cars with the black roofs and


Richard Wilkens

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