Re: interchanged head end cars


CN head end cars brought frozen fish for the Boston and New York
markets.Armand Premo

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Well...think about it. Consider mail from, say, Bawston to Miami or
New Orleans or Dallas or Kansas City. How's it gonna get there?
I understand what you're getting at Mike, but how much mail or
express is there between Boston and Dallas? Enough to fill a car?
1000 letters 3 times a week?
A few weeks ago someone linked a book of Erie express connections
and the combinations seemed endless. I can't imagine sending one
package from A to B in a separate car. I imagine that the express
(or mail) is carried by one railroad to a hub with another railroad.
For example Boston to NYC - NH, NYC to Washington - PRR, Washington
to Miami - ACL (?)......
The more frequent the trains, the less goods for each destination.
Unloading parcels and reloading them to an adjacent car may be less
expensive than sending a partially full car off road and loosing
it's services for a few days. Boston to Miami is a special route,
just like NYC to LA or SF.
Anyway, I's like to know what the operations really were. Too much
fiction has worked it's way into "prototype" modeling.


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