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I have to attest to the ratty CK paint schemes, some as late as the
early 70's. As far as weathering patterns are concerned, I have a slide
of an X29D at Lewistown Pa. in the summer of 1973 with the freight car
color having weathered out to a very "pink" shade along with the washed
out white lettering.

Tom Olsen
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479

benjaminfrank_hom wrote:

Shawn Beckert asked:
"You say Champ's Circle Keystone decal set is correct. Is this set
usable for Pennsylvania cars in service during the late 1950's or
early 1960's? Might have to get me a few..."

The following PRR decal sets were revised in the late 1980s and early
1990s with the assistance of Bob Johnson, PRRT&HS Archives Chairman
(revision date in parentheses):

PRR Freight Car Sets
HB-30N - Box car, 50 ft, circle keystone (4-21-92)
HB-40 - Box car, 40 ft, outside braced, circle keystone (7-28-92)
HB-155A - X29 Box Car, Merchandise Service (2-19-97) (Upgraded set
may not have been printed)
HB-303N - Box car, 40 ft, circle keystone (4-21-92)
HB-307N - Box car, 40 ft, shadow keystone (10-23-95)
HC-47N - Twin hopper, 7-rib, circle keystone (11-11-89)
HC-70N - Covered hopper, circle keystone (9-7-93)
HC-79 - Quad hopper, shadow keystone (2-2-84)
HC-97 - Flat car, 40 ft or 50 ft, old style (4-23-90)
HC-115 - Stock car, circle keystone (7-28-92)
HC-120N - M of W, circle keystone, black (9-7-93)
HC-121N - Cabin car, shadow keystone (9-19-90)
HC-128 - M of W, circle keystone, white (9-7-93)
HC-179N - Quad hopper, circle keystone (3-9-92)
HC-180N - Quad or triple hopper, 7" PRR and number, 1957-1962 (4-1-96)
HC-210 - N8 cabin car, circle keystone (3-8-90)
HC-221N - Cabin car, circle keystone (3-8-90)
HC-280 - Wrecking Cranes (12-21-93)
HC-321 - Cabin car, plain keystone (9-19-90)
HC-444 - Twin hopper, 9-rib, circle keystone (11-11-89)
HG-108 - Gondola, long, shadow keystone (9-8-98) (Upgraded set may
not have been printed)
HG-148 - Gondola, long, circle keystone (4-19-93)
HG-150 - Gondola, short, circle keystone (4-19-93)
HN-80N - Road name, circle keystone, white (12-2-93)
HN-90N - Road name, circle keystone, black (12-2-93)
HT-58N - Tank car (12-21-93)

In Bob's words, "are the above sets perfect? No, a few glitches
snuck in here and there, but the sets are (or at least were) equal to
or better than anything else I saw on the market, including sets
included in expensive kits - no names here. The graphics produced by
Champ were as perfect as I was able to measure in 1/2" scale under
strong magnification. However, the printing process introduced a
small amount of error due to surface tension and viscosity of the
ink. Still, letter size and line weight were far superior to most
other forms of lettering, be it other decals, dry transfers or pad
printing on kits."

All of the above sets are still available from Champ.

To answer Shawn's question about longevity of the CK scheme, the
changeover to Shadow Keystone occurred in February 1954 with the
delivery of the 20 Class X48 PS-1s. However, many cars survived in
increasingly ratty CK schemes into the 1960s. The three Morning Sun
PRR Color Guides have many 1960s photos of cars in CK showing some
very interesting weathering patterns.

Ben Hom

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