Steam era graffiti

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I bought a set of Champ Decals "Scribblings", thinking they were
chalk marks made by brakemen. Now that I see it is graffiti, I'm
wondering what these decals are good for? How common was graffiti
(especially in 1948, the year I'm modeling), and are these decals
prototypical? I've seen only one prototype photo with graffiti,
a "kilroy was here" on a PRR X29 boxcar:

There is also one model photo I know of showing graffiti, an outline
of a bird, on a MILW single-sheathed howe truss boxcar by Ted Culotta:

While on the subject of non-standard lettering, did World War Two
slogans painted on cars (Coal Goes to War, Buy War Bonds) last much
beyond the end of the war?

Mark Heiden

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