Re: War Emergency Hoppers

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Ted Culotta writes:

I can only comment on the Eastern cars (L&N, B&O, C&O, etc.), but, in
general, the large bituminous coal carrying roads of the Eastern US used
their cars in basically captive service. If you look at any photos of
drags from the B&O, C&O, L&N, N&W, VGN, they are long strings of cars only
from those roads with a VERY rare off-road hopper in the mix (for example
N&W hopper drag contains only N&W cars, with maybe one VGN or C&O car
in - modelers who put an N&W loco followed by hoppers from a number of
different roads are usually modeling a fictitious scene).
...Ooooh no, here we go again...Thompson and Hendrickson will be reaching
for more wine wondering if the TV might provide relief....Yes, trains would
contain mostly N&W cars, although I have noticed quite a few Clinchfield
cars coming out of Roanoke eastbound on video tapes. roads.

These cars were
either to serve on line customers or to move coal to bulk shipment points
(the N&W loaded coal onto ocean freighters at Norfolk, VA and points on
Great Lakes via other roads' rails -
Yes, but the least according to the Prince book...amount of
coal from the N&W went into the midwest...and, not on N&W tracks. Of 52
million tons of coal moved in '48, 22 million tons went west, 10 million
went to the Great Lakes, 10 million went through Lambert Point, and the rest
went into the South, VA, and DC areas. Of the 52 million, at least 30
million went off N&W rails.

these cars would then almost always be
promptly returned to the N&W to go back to the mines).
No doubt.

Some of these cars
would make it off line to other roads' rails, such as in the Northeast,
the Anthracite roads' (CNJ, RDG, Erie, D&H, LV, LNE) cars were more
seen offline in the Eastern US than their bituminous carrying cousins.
Yes, but those 32 million tons of coal traveling west and to the Great Lakes
did it on foreign tracks. The N&W might have been something of a "captive"
RR in that its coal trains consisted you say...mostly N&W cars. But,
while few foreign coal carrying cars may have ventured onto N&W tracks, the
inverse is not true. N&W coal carrying cars requented foreign tracks often.


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