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Schuyler Larrabee

Not so sure I believe these stories, but OTOH, this supposedly happened on the EL near (or at) the Portage Viaduct over the
Genesee river. This one too recoupled itself, and the mystery was what would have made the airline part like that. Happened
at night, so no problem about why the guys in the buggy didn't see this.

Or so I've heard.


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I have a friend who just retired from the BNSF as an engineer
here on the flat, visibility unlimited Plains Division. At
the end of the steam era, he had a train where a middle car
rocked off the track while the train was braking on a short
down grade. The train recoupled itself (how, I do not
know) and was drug into Clovis, NM, with several cars on the
end braking.
Once the brake line was recoupled, off the train went, only
to be a car short when it got to its destination. The best
part of the story is that the lost car sat along the ROW
(according to him) for several weeks until they figured out
that it was lost! Nobody recalled a derailment along the
tracks, so everyone just figured it to be some farmer's new
"condemned" reefer in the field! You would think somebody in
the house car would have seen a boxcar go rolling off into a field!

Tom Jones III

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