Re: Strange car actions -- Spooky story

Paul Hillman

With all of the "strange" car/engine/train stories, it reminded me
of one incident that I overheard a railroad engineer telling another
engineer of what happened to his train.

This was a few years back, in Lolita, Texas, on the then Missouri
Pacific, at an old restaurant/hotel that was used for RR "Bean-
time", as there were sidings there and it was some kind of a small
sub-division point or something.

I heard the engineer say,(approx.), "You know where that slow-order
is for that new track at(so & so), well I was coming in there at 40
miles an hour and went to slow to the limited 20mph, and when I set
the brakes nothing happened. I (tried this & that) and it was no
use. I went through there over-speed but made it OK. And, you know
what turned out to be the problem? That "(X-sub Zero)" relay. I went
back and "fiddled" with it and it started working."

So, maybe the CNJ engine had a little quirk like that happen too??

Paul Hillman

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