Re: Side Grabs on MILW Ribside Boxcars

Schuyler Larrabee

Actually . . .

This was an interesting challenge. I took some .022 brass wire, flattened the end with pliers, bent it over and cut it off.
This piece is about 1/16th x 1/4, L-shaped. The flat portion is both about .008" or so on the shank, with the rest bent
over. Drilled two holes in a small piece of wood the right distance apart (approx .205") Placed the Ls in the holes, facing
away from each other, and the bent-over flat faces upward. Tinned the flat faces, and the .012" brass wire for the grab
itself. Took a deep breath, and managed to solder the wire to the flat faces. (Bad language used here.) Figured out that
it would go better if I blocked the Ls up from the wood block, used flat toothpicks. This is repeatable, not confined to a
one-time-only feat. Once soldered together, used a file across the length of the grab to make the flat portions that will be
perpendicular to the car side kind of triangular as on the MILW car . . .

Model railroading sure is fun . . .8^)


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Gee, Charles, I sure am glad you posted those photos . .
.sorta. I'm just sitting down tonight to apply grabs to
these cars, and now . . .uh . . .now . . .well, I dunno.
Already shaved the originals off, you see . . .I can see what
Ted C probably does. Hmmmm . . . .


But seriously, thanks.

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Last December there was a thread on this subject
(particularly message
#'s 36723 and 36726). I had a work assignment today in
Hampshire, IL,
about eight miles from the Illinois Railway Museum in
Union. So I was
able to stop in and look for a MILW ribside box car. I found it (I
think it's the only one they have), and took a couple of photos. I
don't want to get hung up on semantics; perhaps this is a type of
"bracket grab", but it isn't the "typical" bracket grab. If one is
modeling this in HO scale, the Detail Associates, Red Caboose or
Intermountain parts aren't the same.

The photos are loaded in the STMFPH Steam Era Frt Car Group Photos
list as Side Grabs I and Side Grabs II, as I couldn't successfully
load them in this list.

Charles Harmantas

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