Re: Side Grabs on MILW Ribside Boxcars

buchwaldfam <duff@...>

Thanks for the photos! The second one is very informative for
other reasons too. This must be one of the 1939/40 series cars with
the wider, full length ribs.
Going back to the previous string which discussed the upcoming
RPCyc article, I mentioned that I've seen rib side box cars, as well
as cabooses, with every other rib being a seam. Your photos
definitely show EVERY rib is a weld seam. Interesting....

Phil Buchwald

--- In STMFC@..., "charmantas" <charmantas@y...> wrote:
Last December there was a thread on this subject (particularly
#'s 36723 and 36726). I had a work assignment today in Hampshire,
about eight miles from the Illinois Railway Museum in Union. So I
able to stop in and look for a MILW ribside box car. I found it
think it's the only one they have), and took a couple of photos.
don't want to get hung up on semantics; perhaps this is a type
of "bracket grab", but it isn't the "typical" bracket grab. If
one is
modeling this in HO scale, the Detail Associates, Red Caboose or
Intermountain parts aren't the same.

The photos are loaded in the STMFPH Steam Era Frt Car Group
list as Side Grabs I and Side Grabs II, as I couldn't successfully
them in this list.

Charles Harmantas

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