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Gatwood, Elden <Elden.Gatwood@...>

Are those photos of 13116 and 41500 commercially available? I have
never seen one equipped with grabs, and that opens up an interesting
question; why the change? Are there any special features on those
particular gons?

What series' did you offer in P&LE paint? Did you ever do the later
scheme with black paint and NYC-style lettering, or was it just the
brown ones and the green PC/P&LE car?

Elden Gatwood

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I have a builder's photo of P&LE 41500 (12/40) and an in-service shot
(Date unknown) of P&LE 13116 with grabirons, not ladders.I also have a
builder's photo of P&LE 40000 (5/45) with ladders.
Larry Grubb

"Gatwood, Elden" <Elden.Gatwood@...> wrote:
Jerry and all;
I believe every photo I have ever seen of an NYC system Greenville-type
gon (incl all those P&LE ones) had ladders on the sides instead of
grabs. The P&LE 2000-2999, 8000-8499, 9000-10499, 10500-10999,
11000-11499, 12000-12999, 13000-13999, 16000-16499, 41000-41999 series
had steel floors. I am sorry that I cannot tell you which ones had
nailable steel flooring, but the majority did not, as the majority of
steel floors were riveted sheet. 40000-40999, 43000-43999 had wood
flooring; perhaps LifeLike's rationale for having their cars numbered in
those series? The steel flooring was somewhat unique looking, so
creating this car would be best with photos. I am sorry I can't be
definitive about all the details, as I do not have my P&LE gon book at

There are a lot of neat variations within this fleet. The coil cars
alone would make a major modeling project. I remember noting that many
drop end gons had their ends fixed later on, and had jury-rigged ladders
added to the ends. There were also coke container gons, and many other
specialty gons, created within this big fleet. They went all over the

Does anyone know a good source for decals covering the late (50's)
lettering scheme?

Elden Gatwood

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Subject: [STMFC] P&LE gons

In a recent discussion concerning P&LE Greenville design gons, someone
pointed out that they had ladders instead of grabs. A pic shows this on
a 2000 series car. Do the 40000 series gons (which P2K are lettered)
have this feature also?

Jerry Glow

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