Re: P&LE gons

Larry Kline

Elden, Larry and list,

I had not noticed that some of these gons had grabs rather than ladders before this thread started. In addition to the photos that Larry Grubb mentioned, I have two additional photos of P&LE Greenville gons with grabs rather than ladders. 1) An NMRA Library Ernest Stefan in service photo of 41731 ca. 1941. 2) A photo on p27 of the P&LE gon book, dated 11-15-63, of 13558. Interestingly, there is a photo on p30 of the P&LE gon book, dated 2-18-86, of 13567 with a 5 rung ladder. These photos, and the ones that Larry Grubb mentions, suggest that the 41000-41999 series gons (Despatch, 1940-41) and 13000-13999 series gons (Despatch, 1956-57) were built with grabs. Both of these series differed from the other P&LE 52 ft 6 in IL gons built in the 1940s and 1950s. The 41000 series had 13 side stakes, rather than 14 as on the Greenville design. The 13000 series had fixed ends and end ladders. See p27 of the P&LE gon book. The Railway Prototype Cyclopedia roster indicates that all of the other P&LE 52 ft 6 in IL drop end gons, built from 1945 through 1952, had ladders.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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