Re: NKP Composite Slope Sheets

Justin Kahn

In addition to all the other replies strongly suggesting that the slope sheets ARE wood, I seem to recall a set of views of one at the builder's (could it have been in MM?), where they were clearly planked. I remember making a mental note of them, as I have two of the old Ambroid/QC NKP kits, one nicely-built by a previous owner, the other still awaiting my attention. I believe the kit instructions are also clear that the slope sheets are planked and scribed sheathing was provided to represent that.
Jace Kahn

I am weathering the inside of some composite hoppers, and have a
question about the composition of the slope sheets. Metal or wood?
The sides are wood, of course, but perhaps the slope sheets would be
steel due to the heavy use expected. But, drop bottom gon floors are
wood... I am specifically interested in NKP 30000-series hoppers, and
the O&W hopper put out by Funaro, not the war-emergency hoppers by
Dean Payne
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