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Raymond E. Russell Sr.

Hi Gang,
This is from my friend who works for the railroad as a dispatcher!
So now from the horses mouth here it is!

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I have 2 incidents in working on the railroad. One is the missing truck
under the shelf coupler equipped tank car happened at Oak Island when a train off
the Riverline pulled into the receiving yard and the car dept found this
car. The OI trainmaster called our Supervisor Of Train operations to report it
so that they could get somebody out to inspect the right of way to find the
missing truck. They found it about 50 miles back up along the Riverline main.
The other was a train going into emergency coming down off the mountain on the
Lehigh Valley main into Pittston , the crew finding that parted air hose(I
do not recall if it was uncoupled). This part of the line is on a big curve
elevated thru the center of Pittston. They later found the errant derailed
covered hopper below the embankment when the house owner called the railroad and
was wondering when they were going to get their freight car out of his back
yard! This story was told to me by a LV dispatcher involved with it.

So to those that do not believe, so be it. It does happen and their logic
about all the dynamics involved and how it is impossible to happen bacause they
have figured out all the angles and it is scientifiacally impossible fails
when you have worked the actual unusual occurances.

Tony Liccese

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