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Yes, barring any other evidence, I'm going to assume that the
cars weren't ever painted with SOO markings... at least during the
1950s. Thank you again for the information!

Before I leave this one alone, one more question please. I found
two photos on line of the car that is at the Mid Continent museum.
One shows very worn paint.... I assume it is prior to restoration.
This photo shows the "slanted box" DSSA herald, but does NOT have
the words, "ROUTE SUPERIOR GATEWAY....". The photo of the repainted
car also lacks the words, but does have the herald.
Is the herald-without-slogan paint scheme correct? Thanks in

Best Regards,
Phil Buchwald

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Phil - I have no data to show that the cars were ever lettered for
SOO. Dennis Storzek is the expert here. Dennis? - Al
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Were any of these cars ever painted in Soo markings? Your
sheet states that they stayed on the DSSA roster into the 1960s.

Best regards,
Phil Buchwald

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