B-50-22 series question



These cars are listed in the 1993 RMC article as having Klasing
brakes, Apex steel roofwalks and Barber S2 trucks. However, the 1956
freight car roster reprint book published by the SPH&TS lists these as
being equipped with AAR double truss trucks with spring planks (eg:
Accurail truck).

My questions:
1.Which truck is correct? Where some sub groups of the B-50-22s with
the S2 which may not have been listed in the 1956 roster?
2.What are Klasing brakes (I suspect that these are similar to the
Ajax type)?
3. Did all these cars have steel roofwalks?

The P2k cars come with plankless trucks,wood roofwalks and Ajax brakes
as on their A-50-14 series DD cars. Is this combination in any way
correct for either series of cars?

Many thanks in advance
Stefan Lerché
Duncan, British Columbia

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