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Stefan Lerché wrote:
These cars are listed in the 1993 RMC article as having Klasing
brakes, Apex steel roofwalks and Barber S2 trucks. However, the 1956
freight car roster reprint book published by the SPH&TS lists these as
being equipped with AAR double truss trucks with spring planks (eg:
Accurail truck).
My questions:
1.Which truck is correct? Where some sub groups of the B-50-22s with
the S2 which may not have been listed in the 1956 roster?
Stefan, the Barber S2 feature is a bolster snubber. It is not a
truck. Many truck makers licensed the Barber feature and included it in
their proprietary trucks. Thus a buyer like SP could specify S2 trucks
and only mean trucks with S2 snubbers included. The B-50-22 class,
however, did not have S2 trucks. This is one of several (minor) errors
in the 1993 RMC articles which will be corrected in the box car volume
of my series, now in progress.
"AAR" likewise refers only to the sideframe pattern in a
general way; individual manufacturers implemented it in somewhat
varying fashion as to appearance (which modelers care about), but the
mechanical specs. were AAR. The trucks for this entire class were AAR
double-truss trucks from American Steel Foundries, and they included Simplex spring snubbers. The SP order summary does not mention spring
planks, for the very good reason that at that time (1941) the spring
plank was standard. Spring plankless trucks were unusual and would
merit mention.

2.What are Klasing brakes (I suspect that these are similar to the
Ajax type)?
Klasing is a make of handbrake. They are not the same as Ajax.
See any Cyc in the 1937 to 1953 period.

3. Did all these cars have steel roofwalks?
Yes, Apex as you list.

The P2k cars come with plankless trucks,wood roofwalks and Ajax brakes
as on their A-50-14 series DD cars. Is this combination in any way
correct for either series of cars?
See my volume 3: all three features are wrong for this
class. The cars had AAR trucks with spring planks (half Scullin, half
Bettendorf), Apex steel running boards, and Equipco handbrakes.

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