Re: Industry sites for modeling 1940-50's?

Mark Heiden

Hi Charlie,

Though it is a pay site, I recommend the Rensselaer Model Railroad
Society's website. It covers a tremendous range of topics, including
trackside industries. Access to the site is by subscription, which
is between $5 and $8 a month, depending upon how you pay. A part of
the site is free to tour, so you can decide if meets your needs or
not. The address is:

I hope this helps.

Mark Heiden

--- In, <trduck@c...> wrote:
Does anyone have any favorite web sites for showing plans or photos
of industries in the 1940-50's. I'm looking for a small town lumber
yard and a commerical coal distributor for home delivery. I have the
Sanborn maps of the towns I'm modeling so the dimensions aren't an
issue just looking for more photos to help with scratch-building.

Thanks Charlie

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