Re: SP Reefer Blocks


I defer to others with more knowledge about PFE operations, but I
think it depends on what you mean by "blocks of reefers". You'll find,
that in general solid trains of reefers ie: Salinas Vegetable Blocks
(SVB) were run as extras from Watsonville as needed. However, you
could find "blocks" of reefers making up substantial portions of
regularly scheduled 2nd class trains as well. See the Coast Line,
Western Division etc. books by Signor or pictorial type books for good
photos of both scenarios.
Stefan Lerché
Duncan, British Columbia

--- In, Paul Catapano <pc66ot@s...> wrote:
In 1952 ( and earlier) did the SP run it's block's of reefers in
solid trains?

If so did SP give these trains "Time Table" authority or did they
run them as Extras?

If these were Time Tabled trains did SP run them as 2nd class or 1st

Thank you all for your time and any help.

Paul Catapano

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