Re: Union Pacific flat cars

Bruce Smith <smithbf@...>

On May 24, 2005, at 12:20 PM, Anthony Thompson wrote:
Those 40' 10" cars are the Harrimans (or Harriman follow-ons)
Richard mentioned. With straight side sills, they would not be too
to scratch. I am not aware of any in brass, and as Richard said, the
resin guys really doze off quickly when you say "flat car." Us Espee
guys want 'em too.
Tony - what class(es) would these be in EsPee?

BTW, Bruce, you now recognize that the "Ding" article was
quite a stand-in, no?
Now? Yes, I do! I actually rummaged through the storage box the
other night - you know the one you all have hidden away in a back
corner full of Athearn 40' box cars (aka rivet donors) for one of
those flats. Fortunately I either never bought one, or divested
myself early. Much to my surprise I did find a pair of MDC 30' flats
that I had forgotten about - those will become Milwaukee Road gun
flats <G>


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