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Andy Miller <asmiller@...>

The other interesting aspect of that photo is - one of the trucks is an
Andrews and the other is a "Bettendorf". I wonder how often that happened
is service.


Andy Miller

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OK, I went back and compared the color photo with the black and
whites from the university site. I think I understand now: the underframe
"swap" was merely an expedient to move the body to the museum, not an
in-service retrofit. On the "stock" car (b&w photo), the side verticals and
diagonals meet on the side sill. If you look at the color shot, by looking
at how the verticals and diagonals meet, you can see how the whole car body
right down to the side sills is lying ON TOP of the Soo Line underframe. It
seems pretty evident that the car body was just placed right on top of the
Soo line underframe.
You can even see the exposed ends of the cross braces and crossties, and how
they're not connected to anything on the body.
Phil Buchwald

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The photo you're looking at was taken quite recently. I believe at
museum in Michigan?

The museum is in Monon IN.

I can't explain the underframe,
Yes I can. Ron Christensen of Mighigan just handed me photos of the
car. What timing! The car was placed inside at some type of grain
complex around 1950. That's why the paint scheme as held up so well.
(last reweigh was 47) The carbody was placed on a SOO Line box car
underframe for movement to the museum. Clark Propst

I can scan the photos if you want?

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