Re: Erie 44'/70T Hoppers/Gondolas

Jerry Dziedzic

The Mantua "Heavies" model is the only one I'm aware of, but there
may be
another one out there.
Though I'm late to this party, there's still something to add. I
you mean that the Mantua cars are a good starting point for a kit
bash. The H- series cars had an unusual end arrangement. It was
similar to a conventional hopper, with the slope sheet and slope
braces visible. However, the end panels of the sides were sheathed.
Viewed from the side, the cars look like conventional gons. Viewed
from the end, they look like conventional open hoppers.

I don't know if this feature was part of the original design, or
at the time the cars were rebuilt.

Jerry Dziedzic
Pattenburg, NJ

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