Re: M-K-T 3-Bay PS-2s

Shawn Beckert

Ed Hawkins asked:

In March 1958, M-K-T received 15 3-bay PS-2s of 2,893 cu. ft. capacity
numbered 1-15. The B&W builder's photo shows a dark-colored car with
what appears to be white stencils. Does anyone know with certainty what
color these cars were painted? Thank you in advance.
And Tom Palmer replied:

In that time period Katy was using Tuscan red on new cars and repaints.
Tom, was it actually Tuscan (as in PRR "Tuscan") or the typical "Katy" red?

Here are several variations of MKT red:

It's hard to tell what the original color was like since red weathers badly.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any photos of Katy PS-2's of the 2893 capacity.

Shawn Beckert

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