Re: War Emergency Hoppers

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Dave Nelson writes:

Ted's is the safe answer. There were exceptions: I have a number of
Southern Rwy conductors books from the 40's & early 50's for the main east
out of Asheville, NC -- I've got a count of 191 SOU hoppers listed (mostly
in company service), but well more than 200 hoppers from 26 other roads
(including the NYC, MILW, B&M, Alton, C&NW, and MSL to cite the most

Toledo Ohio -- Lots of N&W cars, no N&W rails. Brewster, Ohio on the
NKP --
plenty of N&W hoppers. Some evidence they got to the steel industry near

Soldier Summit in Utah: plenty of D&RGW coal gons, but cars in coal
from the MP, UP, WP, CBC, and B&LE appear in photos and much of the Utah
coal went to the pacific coast. On occasion there were DMIR ore jennies
Utah on the LA&SL (U.S. Steel moved their cars around).
Good stuff, Dave. I recall you mentioning the cars out of Asheville.


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