Removing Red Caboose Lettering Was: SOU 1937 AAR Box Model


I have a couple Red Caboose Southern boxcars in the white lettering, but I'd
like to backdate them by replacing the white herald with an aluminum one from
Ted's Speedwitch set. Is there a good method for removing the red caboose
printing without harming the paint?

Dan Miller

I would be careful with the Champ roadname set for any Southern car with
the 12" lettering � the typeface is subtly but noticeably different to
Southern�s usual version of Roman � the �N� in particular looks �off� as
do some of the numbers.

What Champ do have is the larger lettering and numbers (used in the mid
to late fifties before the Block Gothic style cam in) I'm not aware of
any other source; the typeface looks a bit off on these as well, but
it's the only game in town unless you want to do it by hand.

You may want to consider Al Westerfield�s decals for his 36� SU cars
instead of the Champ set - use the set for the later, re-sheathed SU
cars as the earlier lettering was in a condensed typeface unlike
anything used later.

The herald on the original batches was real Aluminum paint; Ted Culotta
has recently made decals for these available together with what looks to
be thoroughly accurate lettering- see


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