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Paul Hillman


That's a pretty unusual roster. 6 Ice Cars, 11 Passenger cars, and 600 gondolas. By the description, "H&B Ballast" would be "Haskell & Barker"?

Where does one get ORER's? I may still have a paperback book in storage, given to me 40 years ago, by a railroad man, which listed every U.S. railroad, officers, offices, mileage, cars, engines, etc. It is about 4" wide, 5" tall & about 3" thick. It also had lots of ads for railroad parts & materials. It was published around the late 40's I believe. It didn't list cars by class, etc., only "total freight cars", etc..

(I'm in a slow process of moving homes.)

Paul Hillman

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Paul Hillman wrote:
Anyone know of any photos/info for C&WI freight cars?

Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
Well, Paul, from the 1935 ORER, I can offer you the entire listing . .

Line 1
Type RB "Ice" No's 1450 to 1455,
Inside: L 35'-8", W 7'-9", H 6'-2.5" (yes, six feet)
Outside: L 36'-10", W 9'-4" H (from rail), 12'-4" Doors 4'-6"
1704 CF, 5,000 lb

Line 2
Type GDA, H&B Ballast No's 800 to 1399
Inside: L 37'-7", W 8'-6", H 3'
Outside: L 40'. W 9'-1", H (to running board) 4', (from rail) 6'-7"
CF 985, 100000 lb.

Passenger Equipment
MCB: "BA" Baggage No 1, 74' long, one only

MCB: "CA" Coach & Baggage, No 2, seats 30, 74' long, one only

MCB: "PA" Coach, No 15, seats 100, 74' long, one only

MCB: "PB" Coach, Nos 86-388, seats 72, 60' long, eight thus.

11 total passenger cars.


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