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Jack Mullen <mullen.lahr@...>


Atlas O is US O scale, i.e. 1/4" = 1' or 48:1, but 1 1/4" gage.
(Sometimes referred to as Ow5). The trucks are clunky, but easily

If you're interested in true 56.5" gage in Oscale, by all means join
the Yahoo Proto48 group.

Jack Mullen

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Atlas is producing more and more "O" freight cars, like USRA boxes &
gons, etc. What scale are these cars being built to?

1-1/4" scale bodies w/7mm scale-gauged trucks?
2-7mm bodies & 7mm scale-gauged trucks?

Thought I'd get some info before I make the 50 mile trip to
my "local"
hobby shop.

I will be laying my own "O" track, at 1/4" scale = 4'- 8 1/2" gauge.

Paul Hillman

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