As-built lettering for NP stock car (Central Valley kit) ?

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

I'm finally getting around to applying the decals to my Central Valley
NP stock car. There is a lettering diagram, but since there are a few
small variations in the lettering available: "Length Inside" vs. "Lgth.
Ins.", and "wrot or cast steel wheels", while I can only see "steel
wheels" on the included diagram.
Geez, they went through the trouble of putting the stuff on the decal
set, I think they might clue you in as to the applicability. The
photos I have are later, color photos, from the 60's (the lettering is
weathered anyhow.) I would assume the lettering diagram is for the
50's-60's, but it has earlier reweigh dates that I will use for my late
30's time period. What else out of the set should I use (or not use?)
Dean Payne

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