GATX tank cars again


First I want to thank Richard and Tony for their prompt response to my
previous inquiry (message 41795). Nothing like having experts helping
My question was not clearly stated based on the responses. One of the
tank cars used to build the SP sand tower at Dunsmuir has partial
visible markings in my photos, namely: "GATX", "10,000 gallons", and
the first 2 digits of the car number "58xxxx". My guess is that it is a
General American built car and not a SP tank car. Since the sand tower
was built in 1959 and the car has three rows of horizontal rivets (one
on top, one each side down low), I'm guessing it was built between
1930s and 1950s. The car also shows signs that 4 bands were used, with
2 of them on each side of the single dome. The tower was featured in
Trainline issue 62 for reference. I have not found in my searches any
info on GATX tank cars of that vintage. My best estimate of the length
of the lower car is 28 feet (side sheets) based on my photos. Does this
seem reasonable for that era of tank cars?
Thanks for any response, even if this is still not enough info!

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