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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tom Cornillie, "rrhistorian," wrote:
This seems plausible, given Amtrak's recent efforts at scrapping or
selling anything that might be considered surplus. If true, however,
it also marks a major loss for preserving the history of both American
passenger trains and the freight car design.
The Auto Train concept and the corporation were widely viewed as an
alternative free-market solution to the passenger train question in
the early-mid 1970's . . .
Just a hair past the purview of this list, Tom.

Likewise, many of
these cars were built for Canadian National in 1957 (where they were
used in freight service) . . .
I thought there were just a few as prototypes at that era, but this does creep onto the present list.

The listing for the Walthers model of this car states that they were
important in shaping the design of later hi-cube box cars and
tri-level auto racks -- is this true?
No one on this list would know (or wouldn't be allowed to tell <grin>).

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