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Hi Paul,

There are many scale and accurate cars available in O scale. Intermountain had box cars, a reefer, a tank, the USRA hopper and a USRA gon. Many dealers like my self, have both kits and RTR on the shelves of our shops.

You should also look at products from Red Caboose, Berkshire Valley, San Jaun, Pecos River,and the many urethane car providers, including Rails Unlimited (see web site below).


At 05:33 PM 5/31/2005, you wrote:

Atlas is producing more and more "O" freight cars, like USRA boxes &
gons, etc. What scale are these cars being built to?

I will be laying my own "O" track, at 1/4" scale = 4'- 8 1/2" gauge.

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