Re: CG Gons

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Tom Holley wrote:
"I need a large number of CG 9 and 11 panel gons; Sunshine makes a kit, but
at $30.00 a pop I can't get many. At one point, TYCO made some suitable
gons. Where can I find some? I rarely get to train shows, and need to find a
suitable retailer."

Tom, the Tyco cars are very common secondhand at train shows. AFAIK, these
have not been re-released by any of the low end RTR manufacturers.

BTW, this is the 11-panel Tyco car that Tom is talking about:

My local hobby shop recently received a very large consignment lot which may
have some of these cars, and I have a couple in the morgue. Contact me
off-list if you're interested in working something out.

Ben Hom

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