Re: CG Gons

Charlie Vlk

The ex-Lindberg gon is the one in the Heavies Line by Mantua.
Mantua aquired the ex-Linberg tooling and brought it out some years ago as
the "Heavies" Line. They
were plastic bodies with metal underframes.
Model Power also has a line, newly tooled although for what reason not
readily apparent, of all-metal
cars which are diecast metal and are incredibly heavy. Too heavy. From top
to bottom. In details.
In weight. It is different from the Mantua Heavies Line. I am not sure any
new production has been
done under Model Power from the Mantua/Lindberg tooling.
I could not find what Model Power calla their metal line on the website.....
but they have a very eclectic
range of HO equipment ranging from old Cox items, Mehano, Brazilian stuff,
China and Indonesia?? copies,
Marx, Lima, Roco, and now the Mantua line and tracking Model Power would be
a Yahoo! Group in itself if
anybody cared.
They were still thinking about resurecting the Marx Hudson a couple of trade
shows ago.... that is where their
"F2" comes from ...Marx tooling... so they already have the tender drive and
correct trucks!!!
Their line is my vote for the definition of the opposite end of Prototype
Charlie Vlk

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