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When you drag the fill handle (lower right corner of cell), holding the
shift or control keys changes how the cells are filled. After filling
the cells the auto fill options box appears. Clicking it gives options
including copy or series.
From Excel help -
To enter the same data into several cells at once:
Select the cells where you want to enter data. The cells do not
have to be adjacent.
Type the data and press CTRL+ENTER.

Doug Brown

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Hi All,

Thanks to all that replied to my previous posting. This should end the
curiosity of what a PRR 495655 looks like. If Al says it was
X25 that works for me. It would have to be the RARE PRR car that does
have the car class on it. I doubt that you would have to add THIS to
list if essential cars! (:->) I have noticed that Builders photos taken
the snow all have this flat look to them.

In other Builders photo news; I have spent most of the weekend going
over my
PRR Builders photo Excel file. I have been adding to it regularly for
6 years now, and try for accuracy, but typos are bound to happen. I have
mostly been trying to add and confirm the car built dates from the
and checking the photo dates from the Pennsy Journal photo listing. You
tell what I have confirmed by the "5-25" style date entries in the Built
column. It will probably be a while before I get to devote this amount
time to it again, but I will keep at it.

If someone could please tell me how to turn off the sequential numbering
feature in Excel in a column I would appreciate it. I am mostly trying
fill in a column with the same text numerous times. I don't need it to
in the next highest number in that series.

Here is the link to my collection:

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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