Re: Open Box car doors

Doug Brown <brown194@...>

Although they may not open all the way, Kadee, Branchline, Front Range
Products and others have found ways to have opening doors without

Doug Brown

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Well yea, but... If it offends you, you might try to reform that
area or maybe just invest in a CNC rig and do it right. <g>
Seriously, you are correct but it's probably a case of diminishing
returns. Casting 2 sided in resin must be tough and I wonder how thick
it is (I've got to pull out my Sunshine MILW rib side and check).
Injection molded would be preferred (?) but then I wonder what we'd
get for a method to make them work - Athearn "claws" maybe?

Jerry Glow

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Isn't there a slight problem with Menzies (and Youngstown doors on
brass box cars) i.e. you shouldn't see the shapes of the tackboards
and door rollers etc. from the inside?
Scott Pitzer

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