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Ian Cranstone

On 9-Jun-05, at 11:51 AM, Tim Gilbert wrote:

Generally, tank cars were either owned or leased from users -
predominantly by shippers. For instance, tank cars used by Jersey
Standard (ESSO, ENCO, etc.) were leased from UTLX, but I do not know
whether UTLX had a Canadian subsidiary to serve Imperial Oil in 1947 - I
believe UTLX got involved with Procor later. In 1953, UTLX did purchase
Imperial's 2,200 car fleet according to page 281 of Carr's ROCKEFELLERS'
SECRET WEAPON - was this CGTX which listed 2,182 cars in the 4/1949 ORER?
Imperial Oil had one of the earliest fleet of tank cars in Canada. At some point they and the Transit Company fleet were merged -- I suspect that the Transit Company was a lessor much like UTLX, GATC, etc. but on a much smaller scale and simply ended up managing the already extant Imperial Oil Fleet. In 1953 as you have cited, the Imperial Oil/Transit Company fleet was purchased by UTLX and formed the nucleus of the Products Tank Line of Canada. Since they shared the UTLX reporting mark of their parent, only the sublettering distinguished their cars. They were still considered a separate fleet however, as was made clear in a 1960 copy of the Tank Car Capacities volume, which separated the Canadian cars into their own listing. Ultimately the Canadian Cars were given PROX markings for Procor, but this didn't take place until the late 1970s/early 1980s.

CGTX was formed in 1932 and by the end of the 1930s had become a significant player in the Canadian Tank Car industry. They have now been renamed GATX Rail Canada, but I suspect that there was a long affiliation with GATX -- certainly their dominant supplier Canadian Car & Foundry was quick to subcontract any tank car type other than a type 103 to GATC for construction, especially for CGTX. SHPX seems to be the only player not represented by a Canadian affiliated operation.

From a quick scan of the 4/49 ORER, it would appear that CGTX was the
largest owner of tank cars in Canada.
It basically boiled down to the Imperial Oil/Transit Co. fleet and CGTX at that time. There were a number of smaller players in the tank car business, but most of them were owner-shippers (primarily oil companies, but some food & chemical companies were represented as well).

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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