Re: Walthers USRA hoppers

Paul Hillman

Ben Hom wrote;

",the handbrake detail on the B end was wiped out by a ham-handed moron."

I like that Ben!!! a, "ham-handed moron" !!!

Reminds me of an old model railroad friend Roger. I was about 15 and just developing my model-building skills. Roger was about 21 and was a master builder/scratch-builder already. We both hung out at the local hobby shop and Roger worked there part time. He had landed a job as an Interlocking operator for the C&WI RR. (I think it was called "State Line Tower"). He had gone to the RR scrap-yard in Indiana and sketched EVERY valve & fitting on a NKP Berkshire that was there for the "torch", and super-detailed a PFM, NKP Berkshire as per. He also handlaid his own track. I was awed by his work.

Roger had scratchbuilt an HO wood Swift reefer. It had all the underbody brake detail etc. It was absolutely beautiful.

Somehow, the hobby shop owner and 2 or 3 others of us went to Roger's house to see his models and visit. Roger showed us his Swift reefer. The hobby shop owner (who OBVIOUSLY wasn't a builder himself, apparently just the "owner") picked up Roger's reefer like it was a detested piece of sausage and flipped it around in his hand looking at all the detail. We were all aghast, especially Roger, until he finally, roughly, set it back down on the workbench and said, "Yeah, pretty nice!" Fortunately nothing was destroyed on it, to our surprise. Roger was not EVEN about to let him "examine" the NKP Berkshire.

People just don't understand the "billions" of hours, and love, we spend building our fine works, they?

Paul Hillman

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