Re: War Emergency Hoppers

Shawn Beckert

Mike Brock, in the midst of an informative post, wrote:

Oooooh no. I spent a month proving that coal bearing
hopper cars not only went off home rails, but did so
(Sigh). I'll have to get painfully specific here, which
I probably should have done in the first place. I model,
or am attempting to model, the St. Louis Southwestern as
it would have looked from roughly World War Two up until
the mid 1960's. From what I can tell from my sources of
information, the fixed plant of the railroad changed very
little in this period. Means I get to run 2-8-0's, FT's,
and if I feel frisky, GP-20's, all on the same layout. Not
all at the same time ,of course ;-)

My problem is nailing down the type of traffic that moved
on the Cotton Belt during these years. Since this was a
"bridge line" moving freight through the St. Louis gateway
to points West, I can get away with running all types of
cars, up to a point. What's hard is trying to pin down what
percentage of what kind of freight moved on the SSW. And one
of my problems is knowing how much coal - if any - they were
moving in my era of interest. I asked about the P2K hoppers
because I don't want to spend money on them if they wouldn't
normally be seen in Cotton Belt territory. Thus my question
to the List. Can anyone tell me with confidence that these
cars should not be represented on my railroad?

Shawn Beckert

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