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PRR PB70 combines are available RTR from Bachmann and as kits from Eastern
Car Works. Walthers offers a RTR CNW short combine. The ECW kits are
undec. The Bachmann and Walthers cars come in a wide variety of roads, all
bogus except for the PRR and CNW.
Bethlehem Car works may also offer combines for the Reading or CNJ. I don't
recall offhand.


Andy Miller

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What kits are available to model the end of passenger era in the early
1950's of extremely rural America that had combination passenger./ baggage
cars which were usually one or two pre 1930's ones in small freight trains.
These ran from the 1880's 1956 era some attached to the early road diesel
trains pulled by GP-7 RS-1 and S-2. The combine cars close out passenger
service on the branch lines and small towns of the C & O by 1955. Want a
model in HO of one of the ones now in a museum or tourist RR that ran in
revenue service till 1953-1954.
Am considering a 1954 era diorama of a freight train with USRA to 1952
built freight cars.


Tyler Turpin

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