Re: NP 36' wood boxcar info requested...

Robert Ray

Westerfield wrote:
Robert - The PSC underframe of this period was fairly standard and
built so heavily that it would not need to be upgraded. You can see
photos of what I did for another 1903 PSC box car on my web site series 10500 cars. Also shown is typical AB brake

Thanks Al, That info and your website photo's are very helpful. I am
building the model in Z Scale as rebuilt in 1940, and will be using the
AB brakes and cast steel T-section Bettendorf 40 ton trucks (Z Scale
MTL Bettendorfs) to finish my model. I have just started building NP
cars now that I have a fleet of NP 24' wood cabooses and a W3 class
Mikado finished.

This is a great list!
-Robert Ray

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