FGEX and WFEX cars built ca. mid-late 1946

Ed Hawkins

Does anyone have photos of cars in the following two FGEX and WFEX series? I'm trying to define when there was a switch from a group of plywood-sided cars that began construction in 1944 and when the change to steel sides occurred. Having documentation on individual car numbers of known side construction will help define where the break occurred. If you have photos in these series, please identify the specific car number, whether the side construction is plywood or steel, and the reweigh station symbol and date (if readable). All of this relates to orders authorized by the War Production Board and to what extent the orders were actually completed before steel restrictions were lifted and the side construction changed. All of the cars in question are believed to be built by FGE at their plant in Indiana Harbor, Indiana. Earlier plywood-sided cars built in 1942 are not part of this research.

FGEX 38266-38373. Note: 38200-38265 are known to have plywood sides. 38374 was a "one of a kind" aluminum car. 38375-38499 are known to have steel sides (125 cars built by Mount Vernon built late 1946).

WFEX 66550-66624. Note: 66500-66549 are known to have plywood sides. 66625-66799 are known to have steel sides (175 cars built by Mount Vernon late 1946).
Thank you in advance.
Ed Hawkins

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