New England Coal & Coke

Earl Tuson

Wayner's Freight Car Pictorial has, on page 13, a picture of steel twin hopper
NECX 1184. It is stated on the car side to return when empty to Grantown, WV,
located on the B&O. The 10/1919 ORER shows 600 cars listed for NECX, HM
1001-1600, with 30' IL, 9'5 1/2" IW, 7'3 1/4" IH(!?!,) and 1770 cuft capy.
There it is stated that the cars should be returned when empty to Fairmont, WV,
only 12 miles from Grantown, also on the B&O. My 7/31 ORER, however, no longer
shows a listing for NECX. I had suspected these cars may have been sold second
hand to the B&O, but I cannot identify a series at that listing that would be a
match. Does anyone know what happened to the NECX cars? New England Coal &
Coke did continue to operate for many more decades, so I don't see a corporate
failure and auction as a possibility, but rather a divestiture of that branch
of the operation.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Earl Tuson

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