Re: the new year from Sunshine

charles slater

Bill that's not all that's coming out next year, I am working on masters for two Santa Fe gondolas,(my 4th and 5th project for Sunshine) which should be out by next summer, and I know of a series of Santa Fe reefers in the works, at least some of which should come out sometime next year. And I am sure Martin has many more things in the works.
Charles Slater
Bakersfield, Ca.

From: "Bill Welch" <bwelch@...>
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Subject: [STMFC] the new year from Sunshine
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 08:44:25 -0500

The new year will bring the following from Sunshine

B&O's M-27 rebuilt with "Mansard" roof at Timonium in January

The little WP (and Saramento Northern) 40 foot double sheathed boxcar 8 foot interionr height in California for Martin's west coast seminars

The Utlx tank car will probably make its premier after a long gestation at Ft Lauderdale for the Train Show associated with the NMRA convention in July.

Martin said that if he lives long enough he reckons he will do every significant freight car of the transition era. Wow!

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