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Wayner's Freight Car Pictorial has, on page 13, a picture of steel
twin hopper
NECX 1184. It is stated on the car side to return when empty to
Grantown, WV,
located on the B&O. The 10/1919 ORER shows 600 cars listed for NECX,
1001-1600, with 30' IL, 9'5 1/2" IW, 7'3 1/4" IH(!?!,) and 1770 cuft
There it is stated that the cars should be returned when empty to
Fairmont, WV,
only 12 miles from Grantown, also on the B&O. My 7/31 ORER, however,
no longer
shows a listing for NECX. I had suspected these cars may have been
sold second
hand to the B&O, but I cannot identify a series at that listing that
would be a
match. Does anyone know what happened to the NECX cars? New England
Coal &
Coke did continue to operate for many more decades, so I don't see a
failure and auction as a possibility, but rather a divestiture of that
of the operation.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Earl Tuson

Like your 8/31 ORER, there was no mention of the New England Coal & Coke
in either the 8/25 or 7/31 ORER.

The NEC&C was controlled by the Koppers Corporation as was Eastern Fuel
& Gas in Everett MA, and the Mystic Steamship Co. (once called the New
England Steamship Co.). I do not know when Koppers bought NEC&C, or
whether NEC&C's disappearance from the ORER's was a matter of "corporate
restructuring" in the early 1920's.

The NECX #1001-1600 series hoppers seem to have been employed in
carrying "Koppers'" Coal from mines in northern West Virginia to the
B&O's Curtiss Pier in Baltimore where the coal was transshipped to
colliers and/or schooner barges for the trip to New England.

From the list of Ship Arrivals in the Port of Boston between April 1st
and 15th, 1923, there was only one Schooner Barge carrying coal from
Baltimore. Most of the coal arriving from New England from West Virginia
seemed to have been transshipped from Norfolk and Newport News which
were N&W, VGN and C&O ports.

(New York Harbor and Philadelphia were other transshipment points for
coal to New England - it was conceivable that the "NEC&C" could have
used the B&O-RDG-CNJ routing to access these ports, but none of the
vessels employed in this trade in the first two weeks of April 1923 were
owned by the Mystic Steamship Co. or the New England Steamship Co.

In the 8/25 ORER, there were the following hoppers listed for Koppers.

135 SBPX 15112-15850 30'6" IL, 1,880 CF
550 KOPX 100-750 30'6" IL, 1,880 CF

(SBPX - Seaboard By Product Coke Co.)
(KOPX - Chicago By Product Coke Co. and Koppers Co. - flats only)

In the 7/31 ORER, the following listings for Koppers:

248 SBPX 100-347 30'6" IL, 1,880 CF
99 SBPX 400-498 38,10" IL, 2,546 CF

(SBPX renamed to Koppers Coal Co.)
(KOPX renamed to Koppers Construction Co. - flats only)

The above, however, does not answer your question of what happened to
the NECX #1001-1600 series. Rather than being sold to the B&O, another
possibility was that this series was relegated to some "in-plant"
service at some Koppers' facility - probably facilities more correct.

Sorry I was not more of a help, but Merry Christmas anyway.


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