Re: US Navy 40' PS-1 boxcar particulars

Mark Heiden

Hello Ed,

I almost forgot, just a couple of questions about the construction of
the cars. Did the 1951 cars (USNX 2455-2463) have the six rectangles
on the ends just below the roofline? And did they also have
the "bowtie" stiffeners stamped into all of the roof panels? If not,
when did these characteristics start to appear?

Thanks again,
Mark Heidne

--- In STMFC@..., Ed Hawkins <hawk0621@s...> wrote:
The roping staples are not mounted to an angle. They are simply
U-shaped pieces mounted directly to the bolster tabs, either welded
or fastened by bolts from the back side. Running boards appear to be
Apex. The USN 61-02455 car has a Universal hand brake.
Ed Hawkins

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