Re: New England Coal & Coke

Ian Cranstone

From: tim gilbert <tgilbert@...>
In the 8/25 ORER, there were the following hoppers listed for Koppers.

135 SBPX 15112-15850 30'6" IL, 1,880 CF
550 KOPX 100-750 30'6" IL, 1,880 CF

(SBPX - Seaboard By Product Coke Co.)
(KOPX - Chicago By Product Coke Co. and Koppers Co. - flats only)

In the 7/31 ORER, the following listings for Koppers:

248 SBPX 100-347 30'6" IL, 1,880 CF
99 SBPX 400-498 38,10" IL, 2,546 CF

(SBPX renamed to Koppers Coal Co.)
(KOPX renamed to Koppers Construction Co. - flats only)
Following Tim's reasoning, I looked up the Koppers listing in the 8/22 ORER,
and it shows the following:

99 KOPX 15001-15100 38'10" IL, 2546 CF
898 KOPX 15101-16000 30'6" IL, 1880 CF

SBPX reporting marks were not in use then, but the Seaboard By Product Coke
Co. name was, with KOPX reporting marks.

Ian Cranstone
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
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