Re: PRR Freight Car Color (was PRR BOXCAR RED)

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Bill Keene asked:
"I am about ready to apply paint to a Tichy X26 50-ton USRA single
sheathed box car and as this is my first PRR freight car modeling
effort (hard to believe with over 25 years of modeling) I find that
am not sure as to what paint color PRR Boxcar Red might be. Can
someone offer suggestions, formulas, etc?"

Some manufacturers aren't sure either! ;-)

What shade to use depends on when the car was repainted. Generally,
cars painted before 1945 were a more orange shade of Freight Car
Color. In the late 1940s, changes in the paint formula resuled in a
darker shade.

My preferences in Polly Scale is Zinc Chromate Primer for the pre-
1945 FCC, and Special Oxide Red for the post-1945 FCC. Other
listers will chime in with what works best with other paint brands.

Whatever you do, don't paint your model any paint labeled "Tuscan
Red." Pennsy modelers may not agree on what's the correct shade of
FCC, but they'll agree on that point.

Ben Hom

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